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Professional Treatments & Prices


Manicure: file, shape, tidy cuticle area, exfoliate; massage hand and lower arm, polish.

From £13.50


Luxury Manicure: file, shape, tidy cuticle area, exfoliation PLUS any one of the following luxury additions:

A: Paraffin wax: a warm paraffin wax is brush applied to the hands and arms to help with aching joints and improved circulation. Also helps with nourishing the nails.

B: Hot mitts: a hand mask is applied to your hands and wrist area. The hands are then wrapped in clear film and placed inside warm mitts. Helps with replacing lost moisture and improving circulation, can provide some relief from arthritis. 

C: Hot oils: dipped gauze is wrapped around your fingers and thumbs. The warm oils are absorbed in to the cuticles and skin to improve circulation and moisture. Heat is also applied using an infra-red lamp to increase the penetration of the oils in to the skin.

Treatments are followed by hand and arm massage and nails painted with your chosen colour (French polish is more).

From £19.00


Pedicure: file, shape, soak and exfoliate. Use a foot file to remove hard skin. Includes a lower leg/foot massage and nails then painted.

From £16.50

Luxury Pedicure: file, shape the nails, exfoliate and soak PLUS anyone of the following luxury additions:

A: Paraffin wax: a warm paraffin wax is brushed over feet and ankles and then wrapped in foil to retain the heat (also receive a mini hand massage). After removal of wax you receive a relaxing lower leg and foot massage. Finally a polish (French polish is more)

B: Warm booties: A mask for revitalizing aching legs and feet brushed over your feet and ankles, then wrapped in clear film then placed in warm booties. On removal of the booties you then enjoy a foot and lower leg massage and polish applied to your nails.

C: Hot oils: Strips of gauze soaked in hot oils are individually wrapped around your toes and warm oils rubbed into your feet and lower leg. An infra-red lamp is placed over them to help with the absorption in to the skin and nail plate. After removal of the oil a foot and lower leg massage plus polish of your choice.

From £24.00

Note: Nail art designs are available on request at a small extra charge for both hands/feet.

Exciting ‘Hollywood Toes’ also available, please refer to Nails.

Official "Callus Peel" Approved Salon.

Don't dream. Just peel!

Callus' are removed just like orange peel.

In only 15 minutes.

A truly revolutionary product.