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Things To Consider


Points to consider when choosing your Beauty Therapist

Is the person suitably qualified and experienced?

Are they a full time professional?

Will you be pressured to purchase products that you do not really want?

Do you get treated by ‘whoever is available’ at your local Salon?

Are they fully insured for the treatments that you are to receive?

Do they belong to a recognized Beauty Association?

Do they have the knowledge and skill to make you look & feel beautiful?

Do they listen to your ideas?

For Bridal make-up are they able to produce excellent, high quality lasting make-up & treatments to your time schedule on the day?

Is your Bridal make-up applied to feel light, comfortable, natural & flattering rather than thick & heavy (the way it is often applied by inexperienced and untrained people).

Do you truly feel relaxed in a Commercial Salon?